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Thread: Pay Fixation

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    Default Pay Fixation

    Deputation to a higher scale and repatriation to a lower scale which has become the same scale on the basic of upgradation on 15th Sept. 2006.

    Will anybody pls tell me about my pay fixation option, the beneficial option.

    On 1.1.06 I was drawing Rs. 7700 whle on deputation (on foreign sevice terms to an autonomous body) to the higher post of Private Secretary in the scale of 6500-200-10500 with DNI as Dec.(previous post PA, Substantive pay on 1.1.06: 7250 with DNI as June). On 9.1.07 I was repatriated to my parent cadre and my pay was fixed w.e.f. 15.9.06 as Rs. 7500 on upgradation from 5500-9000 to 6500-10500(Substantive pay: 7425). I would request to know how my pay will be fixed, is there any impact of the upgradation of scale of PA on my repatriation, moreover, on my repatriation both the scales became the same. But now as per the Pay Commission's recommendations, scale of PS has been upgraded to 7500-12000. I have not submitted my option as yet. Please tell me regarding the option to be given for pay fixation.
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