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Thread: Double HRA to employees posted in NE

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    Default Double HRA to employees posted in NE

    I got my transfer from Srinagar(J&K) to Guwahati(Assam) and joined on 10.11.2008 in public interest.I was getting additional HRA as applicable as my family was retained back at New Delhi(previous place of posting of Srinagar) during my tennure at Srinagar as per rule.After my transfer from Srinagar,I brought my wife and two children to Guwahati leaving my parents at Delhi due to personal reasons.My parents are staying with my sister who is serving in a private org. and also married.I am the only son of my parents and as per record my parents are fully depedent upon me.I bear the full expenditures of my parents even though they stay with my sister.My head of office denied double HRA on the plea that I have brought my family(wife & children) to GHY.When I submitted clarification of Swamy's News that to become eligible for DHRA,some of the family members should stay at last station and use the accomodation for their bonafied use,my HOO changed his version and now tells that your parents are not staying at Delhi(his own presumption),hence no DHRA.However, the fact that my parents are staying at Delhi and for brief periods use to go to my native place in Orissa on social engagements.All things are happening verbally from his side and neither he is replying my letter nor releasing DHRA.On the contrary,He had asked for clarification from competent authority who has accorded sanction and directed him on the ground that on record my part family(depedent parents) are staying back at Delhi as proved from TTA claim preferred by me but he is defying one and after subsequent orders.Now he tells to write to DOPT and till then will not allow the DHRA.Under this situation,kindly guide me what to do and whether I am elligible for DHRA or not.If yes,what is the rate.It is 30% for Delhi and 20% for Srinagar.From Oct.1998,posting in Kashmir valley i/c Srinagar is treaded at par with posting to NE as per GOI.Am I bound to show my parents' physical presence to my HOO when I have not claimed TTA against them which proves there presence at the old station?Regards.(My email [email protected]).Friends and respected seniors are requested to respond.

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    Dear friend
    Though every thing is clear and you should get the benefit of DHRA but what I could understand that your parents are not residing at a place which belongs to you or you are paying rent for it. It can not be said that your residence at last place of posting is used by your family members since your parents are with your married sister. This is perhaps the only reason of denying the DHRA. If you have any rent receipt of a house at Delhi or you own a house there, you may submit a prooof for it and it will work.

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