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Thread: Composite Transfer Grant on public interest transfer

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    Question Composite Transfer Grant on public interest transfer

    Dear Members,

    I need clarification on the following issue.(plz. quote if any notification/circular u know on support of ur reply) thanks.

    I was transferred (public interest) from Ahmedabad to Visakhapatnam

    Date -- Event
    09-04-2009 -- Transfer order issued
    13-04-2009 -- Applied for Advance (TA/composite grant etc)
    17-04-2009 -- Receipt of advance money / Relieved @ old HQ
    18-04-2009 -- Date of Travel
    20-04-2009 -- Reported to Duty @ New HQ
    24-06-2009 -- Put up TA claim for settlement
    aug/sep 09 -- TA claim settled by appropriate authority

    - So far, My Pay in PB was 22280, GP 6600

    Later I received my promotional order(July 2009), clearly indicating that the promotion is effective from 01-08-2009 (though Technical Review held on later date)

    Dt. of issue -- Related to...
    07-07-2009 -- Notification of promotion (to officers promoted)
    09-09-2009 -- Pay fixation due to the promotion
    with clear indication on the date it takes effect from
    (i.e. PB - 23140 & GP 7600 with effect from 01-08-2008)

    Though on the date of transfer/travel/relief/joining etc., the pay was old, as the promotion effective from 01-08-2008, I believe I am eligible for 'transfer grand ie one month PB+GP' as the revised one due to the promotion.

    In other words..
    I recd. 'transfer grand (one month Pay)' = 22280 + GP 6600..
    I feel I am eligible for transfer grant = 23140 & GP 7600, by virtue of promotion

    Am I right? Please clarify.

    Thanks ..
    Madhavan S
    4:30 PM,
    22nd Oct 2009.
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