My Friends Apprenticeship Training Is 1 year
He is holding Bachelor Degree
Monthly Stripnd. Rs. 2500/-
he worked only 5 months.

My Friend Worked as DIC-Apprentice in DOAT for 5 months. At the Time he is leaving the Office Due to getting a Permanent Job in another Govt. Institution. Now His One Year Training Period is over. He went to District Industrial Center and asked the Functional Manager his 5 months salary. But the FM refused to give his cheque and told him that he must refund the five months salary.

now I dont no that even his own office (i.e: DOAT(Dept. of Acc. and Treasuries) send his name and full 5months attendance. the Functional Manager says the above Rule to my friend.

Please Clarify me that he is eligible to get the 5 months salary. because a person who works sincere to his office, unexpectedly he is leaving to somewhere for certain valid reason. He is also reporting it to his head of Office. The Head of Office also accept it. The how his service willnot take into account ? Is this Right Justice.
So please Clarify me The DIC Appreticeship Rules. and Give me Directions to get the Amount Because his family expect the amount will help them (Rs. 15,000/=) Hence Anyone help me for my Friend.

I don't no the rules. If RTI also help us.

clarify me please

Advance Thanks