The Commuatation table recommended by the VICPC has markedly lowered the multiplication factor for arriving at the commuted value of pension. I am seeking premature retirement at age 47 years. The multiplication factor at age 47 used to be 14.1 prior to the pay commission. It has now been reduced to 8.93. As a result the commuted value in my case reduces by almost 30%.

Full Pension: 25000
40% commutation: 10000
Commutted value earlier: 10000 X 14.1 X 12 = 16,92,000
Commutted vaue now:10000 X 8.93 X 12 = 10,71,600

Has the govt accepted the new commutation table?
If I do not have any pressing need for the lumpsum commuted amount, does it make financial sense to commute the pension or not?