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    Default Sos

    I got the ACP w.e.f. 23.05.07 under OM 09.08.1999 (OLD ACP). This OM as well as my ACP order says no refixation in the grade of Superintendent at the time of promotion. I have also seen from the various promotion orders of Superintendent that it too contains the same clause stating that no refixation in the grade of Superintendent for those who were awarded ACP under OM 09.08.1999. These conditions simply means that ACP under O.M. 09.08.99 must be in the grade pay of Rs. 4800/- . But authorities have fixed the GP of Rs. 4600/- which means even after getting promotion, I will not be upgraded to Rs. 4800/- as per these conditions. As nobody can alter the conditions of OM dated 09.08.99 and authorities not willing to give Rs. 4800/- on ACP though after issuance of MACP order they atleast admitted that ACP under OM dated 09.08.99 is applicable to our case and rightly followed in the ACP order. But they are still not ready to give Rs. 4800/- for the reasons best known to them and still harping on the fact that Rs. 4600/- will be the GP as per ACP OM 09.08.1999.

    I have already referred to all the discussions available on this site on this subject including those available on home page itself.

    So my simple query is whether we (means some 150 or more officers belonging to 1994 and 1995, 1996 batch) will ever get the GP of Rs. 4800/- as our ACP Order prohibits refixation of pay in the GP of Superintendent after getting promotion ?

    How to approach for the solution, particularly when all sorts of representations individually, through associations etc. resorted to but of no avail ?

    Would like to know the suggestions of all the members particularly from Mr. Badri Sir who is a senior and active member on this site and belongs to our Zone also where it is happening.

    Thanking you in anticipation.
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    Default Financial benefits on ACP

    The ACP accords financial benefits ahead of actual promotion and hence
    there may not be a separate promotional benefit second time on the date of actual promotion. The ACP is financial benefit without promotion. When the actual promotion follows subsequently, there may not be a second pay fixation had the existing increment based promotional benefits continued. However, since the Grade Pay aspect has been introduced with retrospective effect from 1.1.2006 and the ACP took place in May 2007, the grade pay as applicable to the post of Superintendent shall be payable. How the Grade Pay Rs.4600 is related and whether it is the actual GP applicable for Superintendents. If so, there may not be any further enhancement to Rs.4800. This is my personal view. It can be cross checked and got confirmed.
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