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Thread: Maximum amount of EL after avaling L.T.C.

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    Default Maximum amount of EL after avaling L.T.C.

    Dear Friends,

    I encashed 10 days earned leave while availing L.T.C for the block year 1996-97. After this 10 days leave encashment, 10 days were deducted from my earned leave and later maximum amount of earned leave (encashable at the time of retirement) was maintained at 290 days only. But as per the recent DOPT order F No.31011/4/2008-Estt(A) dated 23rd September 2008 Government officers are allowed to encash 10 days earned leave (maximum of 60 days during the entire service) at the time of availing L.T.C and the leave encashed will not be deducted from the maximum amount of earned leave encashable at the time of retirement.

    In light of the above, I request you to kindly clarify whether my maximum amount of Earned leave will be reverted to 300 days after 23rd September 2008 (the date of issue of above order) and I can encash 50 days of earned leave while availing L.T.C. during my remaining service.

    With thanks

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    Dear Friend,

    After encashing the leave during LTC (even without availing EL now) upto a maximum of 10 days, as you have rightly stated, the maximum accrual can go upto 300 days unlike earlier, i.e. prior the 6th pay commission.

    When the leave account has a balance of 290 days after 10 days encashment, you will have to wait till you earn another 10 days to enable the el account to swell to 300 days! It appears your office has not given the credit beyond 290 days even after earning EL beyond 290 days as you have encashed 10 days EL. IF this is the factual position, then your office has erred and has to set it right.


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    Dear friend
    Here I have some different views than other respected seniors. The leave was reduced to 290 days as per the orders prevailing at that time. These orders have not been superceeded by the new LTC scheme. Hence the leave already reduced will not be restore. Now onwards, if you will get encashment of EL, it will not be reduced from maximum limit of 300 days(290 days in your case). A maximum of 50 days EL encashment is due to you now.

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    I fully agree with Jitendrar. The Leave Encashment availed alongwith LTC prior to 31/08/2008 will be deducted from 300 days and the Cap on Leave Accumulated will be refixed accordingly. Leave Encashment with LTC availed after 01/09/2008 will not be deducted from this revised ceiling but the total number of leave encashment on LTC will be 60 days including those availed prior to that date.

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