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Thread: Death cum retirement gratuity

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    Default Death cum retirement gratuity

    My friend's particulars are as follows:
    Date of appointment : December 1986
    Date of demise : February 2006
    Total years of service : 19 years and 2 months
    The total service was treated as 12 years for DCRG and gratuity was paid for 12 months only. My query is if there is any change in the present rules by which his service can be treated as 20 years(when he becomes eligible for full gratuity) or atleast as 19 years, to enable his family to get the added benefit? If there is any relaxation in this regard, who is the competent authority to sanction the same? Please help.

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    Dear Friend,

    Unfortunately, there seems to be no provision in the rules for grant of Death gratuity in excess of 12 months of pay in the above case.

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