In some commissionerates ACP Inspectors have been rightly granted Grade pay of Rs. 4800 and in some others PAOs have objected to it and granted only Rs. 4600 taking shelter to the Resolution 29.08.08 of Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) .
This issue has been under discussion and RTI reply has also been received . Though the said RTI query categorically seeking clarification about the grade pay for the ACP Inspectors, the reply is not straight as usual and quoting just the clarification 2 of OM dated 13/9/08 .

Even then the in some Commissionerates the PAOs are stick on to their earlier stand only and in support to them, instructions has been issued by Pr.Chief Controller of Accounts CBEC New Delhi dated 18/05/2009 to all PAOs. CBEC .The extract of letter is as follows:

“Various references have been recd in this noffice from field PAOs regarding grant of Grade pay to inspectors who have got ACP on or after 1/1/2006. In this regard, it is clarified that the inspectors who have got ACP on or after 1/1/06 are eligible for fixation of grade pay, to the immediate next higher grade pay in the hierarchy of revised pay bands and grade pay recommended by 6th CPC. On regular promotion only the higher grade pay attached to the next promotion post in the hierarchy of the concerned Cadre/organization will be given under Revised Pay Rules 2008. As a new pay scale Rs.7450-11500 (Pre-revised) has been introduced w.e.f 1/1/06, Inspector who are given ACP on or after 1/1/06 would be placed in the pay scale of Rs.7450-11500, correspondingly in the pay band Rs. 9300-34800+ GP Rs.4600/- . Only on regular promotion as Superintendent their pay will be fixed in the pay band 9300-34800+4800 ( 7500-12000 pre revised)”

The above instruction is totally contrary to the instructions/RTI reply and the Original ACP Order and even to the MACP Order

1) OM A/26017/98/2008 ad II A CBEC dated 11/02/2009 in para 4 says “ Thus it is clear that the officers who got the pre revised scale of 7500-12000 (corresponding GP of Rs.4800/-) by virtue of Financial upgradation under ACP will not entitiled to the benefit of further non functional upgradation to the pre revised scale of 800-13500 (corresponding GP of Rs. 5400) on completion of 4 years in the pre revised scale of Rs.7500-12000.” IMPLIEDLY DOPT & CBEC CONCUR THAT OFFICERS WHO GOT ACP TO THE PRE REVISED SCALE OF RS 7500-12000 WILL GET CORRESPONDING GRADE PAY OF RS.4800/-

2) The condition No: 7 of Annexure-I to Original ACP order dated 9.8.99, which was in force up to 31/08/2008 , that “Financial upgradation as per ACP scheme shall be granted to the next higher grade in accordance with the existing hierarchy in a cadre/category of posts without creating new posts for the purpose”

3) The clarification received from DOPT communicated to all the cadre controlling authorities by CBEC dated 24/12/08 instructing them to process the ACP cases falling due/maturing upto 31/08/2008 as per the existing guidelines contained in DOPT OM 35034/1/97 Estt (D) dated 09/08/99 & regarding the ACP cases falling due/maturing on or after 01/09/2008 the same may be kept on hold for the time being as advised by DOPT and we may await issue of DOPT instructions on MACP

4) Para 9 of MACP dated 19/05/2009 read with para 6.2 of MACP- Annexure also categorically states that the provisions of ACPS holds good for granting ACP up to 31/08/2008 i.e in the hierarchical scales and from 1.9.2008 onwards only in the hierarchy of Grade Pay.

We can solve this issue without piling up arguments (For and Against ) / interpretations ( Mis & Apt)/clarifications (pointblank/ambiguous) by
Immediate implementation of Upgradation of 6500-10000 scale ( GP 4200 ) to 7450 – 11500 ( 4600) Part B of the 6 CPC OM so that Inspectors will be placed in the GP of 4600 w.e.f. 1.1.06 and upon granted ACP they will be placed in the next higher Grade Pay of rs.4800 naturally and their may not be any room for any misinterpretation.

It is learnt that in all the other Departments where such upgradation has been granted by 6 CPC has been implemented already . No idea Why CBEC taking this much time for considering the Part B 6 CPC recommendation?

The merger and upgradation issue of 5000, 5500,6500 7450 scales should be resolved rightly/without any further loss of time, so that implementation of MACP to the large stagnated cadres of AOs, DOSs. and Inspectors could be done concomitantly .