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Thread: Organised Group A services

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    Default Organised Group A services

    Recently a circular indicating the fixation of organised Group A services with IAS has been released. In that it has been indicated that there is two year difference between IAS and Organised non functional Group A services. I joined Central Govt as then class II service in 1975 and was due for class I ( Present Group A) in 1978 and got only in 1983 due to the departments failure to promote and properly fixing our place along with appointees. As per the present circular I am likely to get equivalent to additional secretary non functional position. I would like to know from our knowledgable members about my position because, I am likely to retire in 2010.

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    Dear Sir
    Though I do not much on it but in my view it is for same batch (with IAS) officers of organised group A services and u perhaps does not come under the umbrella. I wish I may wrong.

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