Microsoft has introduced Beta version of their new web based file sharing system- workspace.officelive whch provides the following facilities:
Free file sharing and online storageUse Office Word, PowerPoint, and Excel The files once uploaded can be accessed from anywhere.The docs. can be viewed from almost any computer with a Web browser -no need for flash drives—files are there when and where you need them
Password-protected document sharing; the author can control who views and edits
Simplified online collaboration; everyone works from the same documents
.Lots of Microsoft Office documents in one online place.Facility for online desk sharing by "online view" also available.
The operation consists of just 3 steps;1-save your document, 2.upload, 3. share with others who are invited thro'email.
There is facility for, viewing as well as for editing. Comments can also be appended.
The facility is excellent for excel, power point etc.
Why not try and experience this new, free facility from:

I have already uploaded a no. of files and power points on issues relating to pre-2006 pensioners issues.