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Thread: Retirement Benefit for pensioners

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    Default Retirement Benefit for pensioners

    Hi Everybody,

    I am a junior member. I am very much happy to join with you all and finds Gconnect very useful to the employees and pensioners.

    Regarding the retirement home town travel benefits I had a dounbt. I had come across a case wherein an official retired on 31st July 2008 and the department permitted him to occupy the official quarters for a further period of 4 months submitted a Bill claiming the benefits as per the 6 pay commission recommendations since he had performed his journey in November 2008. But the department denied his claim and says that he is eligible only for the benefits as per the benefits on the date of retirement only (i.e. as per V pay commmision benefits).Whether he is eligible for benefits as per the VI pay commission recommendations or not

    Pleas advise with details of orders if any.
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