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Thread: New pension scheme for all citizens by the govt. Of india

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    Senior Member sundarar is on a distinguished road
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    Default New pension scheme for all citizens by the govt. Of india

    Dear Sirs,

    Today's Advt. in the Times of India says, that the Govt. of India
    is introducing NEW PENSION SCHEME for All Citizens through Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority.

    For more information, application form and other document, please walk into your nearest Points of Presence or log on to: www.pfrda.org.in

    For information.

    Best wishes

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    Junior Member anandaiish@gmail.com is on a distinguished road
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    Default Pension scheme for all

    Will the govt policy will really benefit all the citizens. How many will voluntarily subscribe to the scheme How many will discontinue in the middle Who will get a Bonanza, Guess

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    Senior Member vnatarajan is on a distinguished road
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    Dear Shri Sundaraar/ all

    I think Shri Jitendar our Sr Member must offer his considered analysis on the various options/ schemes to make all understand the NPS. I had seen him write on the same elsewhere.


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    Junior Member jarunan is on a distinguished road
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    Smile New pension scheme

    Dear SundarR

    The NPS talks about the investment scheme at the present date and for annuity we have to buy from the insurance schemes available at that time of sixty years. which may become arbitrary and vary from one provider to other. shoould there be a gurantee clause on this assuring a minimum amount?

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