1,The department is R&D and following FCS Flexible complimentary scheme
2. The promotions are based on performance in the interview conducted after residency period
3. First category:Promotion given based on performance in the interview and is effect from 1 st July of the year, and Second category: Promotion given and is effect from subsequent year 1st July (ie promotion defered by one year). and the third-one is Promotion not given and candidate has to re-appear for interview in next year which is effect from 1st july
4, Seniority number assigned for first category is effected from 1 st july of that year.
5.Who is senior in the subsequent year? whether the candidate of second category (as described in above point) or third one ie.Promotion not given and re-appeared for the next year assessment board.
6. If the third-one (who re-appeared for promotion in subsequent assessment board and cleared promotion wef 1st July along with second category candidate who has cleared his promotion in the previous year and to be promoted wef 1 st july in the subsequent year) happend to be senior to the second category candidate in the previous grade and happend to clear promotion in subsequent year( ie cleared with next year assessment board) then whether he will be placed senior to second category candidate (who has cleared his promotion in the previous year assessment board)
7. which is appropriate in the above case?
(a)Caegory one is senior to other two candidates is very clear
(b) Amongst category two and third one( who is senior to both category one and category two in the previous grade) who will be placed next to Category one candidate?
8. Senior members are humbly requested to respond in this case