I had applied for a direct recruit post through proper channel from my parent department. On selection i tendered technical resignation to the equivalent post in parent department and joined in the new post on 2.7.2009.(both the posts are Group A Technical services and i completed one year residency in that grade in parent department hence after obtaining one increment ie on 1.7.2009 in parent organisation i tendered technical resignation to join similar grade post in the new office and both departments follow FCS Based promotion Flexible complementary scheme and promotion are effect from 1st July of a particular year,APARS are prepared 1st jan to 31st dec of a particular year and both are central government R&D scientific offices )))

1. In current department i was allotted a seniority number below all the promotees wef 1.7.2009. Is is correct or is it in line with government orders wrt seniority?
2. Few of the 2009 batch along with me promoted to next higher grade in 2017 and my seniority was fixed according to the previous grade seniority ie wrt 2009. However there are occasions that i was senior to them in the previous grades if my grades in parent department considered.
Say i joined in parent department in year 2001 and promoted to next higher grade in 2003 and next in 2008 and one of my colleagues in the current department joined in November 2003 and he got promoted in 2008. Now in 2017 we both got promoted and he is being assigned with a better seniority number as he was a departmental promotee in 1.7.2008
3. considering this, whether i am eligible to claim my seniority over the other person in new office. since we both got promotions on the same date in two occasions ie 1st July 2017 and 1st Jul 2008. Now considering seniority in previous grades or post i got that promotion on 1 jul 2003 and the other person joined the office in the same equivalent post on november 2003.Hence ethically i am senior to the other person. the claim for the same is that i joined in central government service wef 2001 and continued service with out break and i applied for a direct recruit in new office through proper channel and my past service considered for pensionary benefits and joining time is allowed.
4. is there any order existing wrt consideration of past service towards count of seniority in new office for the above referred type case study?
4. Kindly guide me in representing for the fixation of my seniority in this regard by Providing DOPT orders, OMs, court orders if any
5. Senior members like victor sir,pathak sir and other respected seniors are humbly requested to guide me Thank you sirs, GOWRI SHANKAR WURIITI