DOPT OM FAQ Point No. 8 clarifies that New recruits whose Home Town and Head Quarters are same can avail LTC any where in India only on 4th and 8th occassion. Why? What is the reason. Why can't they avail any time during the 4 years like those who have completed more than 8 years of service. New recruits whose HT and HQ are different, can avail LTC HT 3 times and to anywhere in India on the 4 th occassion. This is only for those who are eligible for Home Town LTC. Why there is a rigid rule that others should avail anywhere in India LTC only in 4th and 8th year - for new recruits whose HT and HQ are same. What is the reason. This clarification is biased and against the interest of these new recruits. Several offices are disallowing their claim quoting the above clarification issued by DOPT. Can any one enlighten on this issue.