Dear Members,

I have the following query -

During the financial year 2016-17 (AY 17-18) I had to pay two instalments of LIC premium (Rs. 12787/-). But due to oversight I paid only one instalment and the other was paid in the following financial year (AY 18-19).

Similarly, PPF due to be paid by me in FY 17-18 (AY 18-19) was paid by me , with penalty, in April 2018 (FY 18-19/ AY 19-20).

In short, Two amounts otherwise admissible for deduction under Sec 80 C due in one financial year were incurred by me in the following financial year.

Can I therefore, claim deduction in the Tax return for the respective year?
If not, can I claim it in the following financial year?

Please clarify,


RK Rao