Dear victor Sir,

my initial pay as on 1.1.2016 was fixed at Rs. 44,900/- in L-7 as per Rule 7(1)(A)(i) and 7(1)(A)(ii) given on p.25 of the CCS(RP) Rules, 2016 referred to above.

my increment due on 1.7.2016 was released at Rs. 46,200/- in accordance with Rule 9 (on p.28) and first provision below Rule 10 (on p.29).

my pay fixation on account of promotion would be done in accordance with Rule 13 (i) (on p.29). Rs. 47600/-

The date of next increment as 1.1.2017 ( the effective date of promotion is 1.7.2016) would be fixed under Rule 10(2) (given on p.28).... but in my HR they are not accepting for DNI : 01-01-2017 (i.e. Rs.49000/-) they are telling that DNI will be 01-07-2017 only because already i got increment on 01-07-2016 as Rs.46,200/- so they are declining the same .. what i shall produce supporting documents to get Rs. 49000/- from 01-01-2017.... plz give clarification on it sir...

thanking you,

sunil kumar - chennai