The following is the Salary as per the 6 CPC
01.01.2016 21750+5400 = Rs. 27150/-
Promoted on 15th June 2016 in the grade pay of Rs. 6600/-.
OPTED FOR may initially be fixed at the stage of the time scale of the new post above the pay in the lower post from which I am promoted on regular basis, which may be re-fixed in accordance with F.R. 22 1(a)(1) on accrual of next increment in the scale of pay of the lower post.

On 15.06.2016 Basic fixed as 21750+6600 = Rs. 28350/-.
On 01.07.2016 basic Fixed as (21750+5400=27150) + 3% increment (Rs. 820) = Rs. 27970/- i.e. (22570+5400).
01.07.2016 27970 + 3% increment (Rs. 840) = Rs. 28810 i.e. 23410+5400
FIXED Basic Pay on 01/07/2016 Rs. 23410 + Grade Pay Rs. 6600/- = Rs. 30010/-

NOW as per 7 CPC the new FORM OF OPTION is available.
[See rule 6 (2)]

*1. I, ____________________________________________ hereby elect the revised pay structure with effect
from 1st January, 2016.
*2. I, ____________________________________________ hereby elect to continue on Pay Band and Grade
Pay of my substantive / officiating post mentioned below until:
* the date of my next increment / the date of my subsequent increment raising my pay to
Rs. ___________________ / I vacate or cease to draw pay in the existing pay structure / the date of my
promotion/upgradation to the post of _______________________.
Existing Pay Band and Grade Pay______________________________

Kindly comment for
i. Which option is beneficial for above basic?
ii. Rs. 30010/- will be multiplied by 2.57 to fix basic in 7 CPC or 27970/- will be multiplied by 2.57.
iii. How much will be the BASIC fixed in 7 CPC if opted S.N. 2 of FORM of option i.e the date of my subsequent increment raising my pay to Rs. 30010/.
iv. Am I eligible for above iii?