Dear Krishna,
From the orders of the Government of Tamil Nadu one thing is clear that all Tamial Nadu Government Servants whose increment falls due on the day following superannuation, on completion of one full year of service which are countable for increment under Fundamental Rules 26, be sanctioned with one notional increment at the rate as described under rule 6 of Tamil Nadu Revised Scales of Pay Rules, 2009, purely for the purpose of pensionery benefits and not for any other purpose. It follows from this that all those born on the Ist January would get the benefits of the order of the State Government in terms of increment even if they are treated to have retired on the 31st December. As such our contention before the CAT that all those born on the Ist January, 1956/1946/1938 should also be given the once-in-ten-years benefits of the respective CPCs as all had completed ten years on the date of retirement, gets support from the State Government decision. We can bring this fact also to the notice of the CAT as and when we get an opportunity for that purpose.
You may also like to post the next date in respect of the case of Shri Kapoor before the CAT.
Developments about the case proposed to be filed by some one in Mumbai CAT could also be posted for the benefit of those interested in this regard.
Gopal Krishan