Dear Sirs,
I had cancelled a few tickets amounting to Rs. 5000/- in JUNE 2015 (booked and cancelled through IRCTC). I had cancelled the same on the day of journey, before the train started because only 2 out of 6 tickets were confirmed. I had then filed a TDR as advised by IRCTC.
Since then I have been regularly reminding IRCTC for refund who have been intimating me that the refund has to come from Southern Railway. My many mails to CCM, Southern Railway (both via email and by post) have elicited not even an acknowledgement as a matter of courtesy.
I am now contemplating filing of a claim in the tribunal. Is the Railway tribunal to be approached? What is the general procedure of filing? Should I engage an advocate for the same? I am in Mumbai and can I hire an advocate in Mumbai? Should I formally intimate this (as a last reminder) to IRCTC as well as CCM, Southern Railway?
Please guide.


RK Rao