I have served in a paramilitary Force under MHA for 20 years from 03.09.1992 to 09.10.2012(AN) and joined central Govt. autonomous institution on 10.10.2012(FN) on technical resignation with lien. I have applied for the post in the autonomous institution through proper channel and with proper permission. While relieving me, my parent office told me to apply for pensionary benefits only after confirmation in the new post/office. Head of Office has also issued a letter to this effect on 08.11.2012. hence, on confirmation, I requested to release my pensionary benefits. My previous head of Office forwarded my request to the Head of Department through proper channel. Finally, on 12.5.2014, a communication was received conveying sanction of the President for the permanent absorption and grant of permission for pro-rata pensionary benefits as per rules CCS pension rules, 1972. immediately on receipt of this communication, I have requested to settle my pensionary benefits including GPF final payment. But I have received application form from HOO of parent organization only in Sept. 2014. The filled in application form submitted to HOO in Sept.,2014 which was forwarded to RPAO Chennai by HOO through proper channel.

Finally I have received final payment of GPF at my credit, in November, 2014. But interest for GPF for two years was not given to me. Interest up to Sept.,2012 was only paid to me. It is a very huge loss to me as my credit in the a/c was ten lakhs. Since the delay is not directly attributable to me, I have requested to grant me interest for these two years as I was allowed to apply for GPF only after approval from HQrs/HOD. otherwise I would have applied earlier.

Please clarify, whether I am eligible for the GPF interest for these period?

Thanks for your reply,