I am CG employee drawing salary from SBI, local branch. During assessment year 2014-15, the concerned branch unable to enter by PAN No. in right time and asked me to show the same in May 2014. On being given, the concerned SBI branch unable to upload information within July, 2014. I upload the original return on 27th July, 2014 with a hope to submit revise return after uploading of information of the concerned SBI. To my utter surprise, I found that the same amount (deducted by the SBI Branch) was uploaded twice in lieu of once. One was uploaded rightly by the concerned SBI, another by some remote location branch with different TAN. I pray both the branch with FORM 26AS to rectify the error so that I can upload revise return accordingly. But all my effort are in vain till date.

Whether I should inform the concerned assessing officer in writing or wait? Please advice what should I do.