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Thread: Macp anamoly

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    Default Macp anamoly

    We have a case of ACP/MACP which is disputed. Kindly advise the correct position

    Mr. A got I ACP in July 2005 from 5000 to 5500. His I ACP was ignored and was granted I MACP wef 1.9.2008 to the GP 4600. He got regular promotion in the hierarchy of promotion in April 2010 to the GP 4800 . At the time of promotion he was given only difference of GP from 4600 to 4800 with Date of Next increment from 1st July 2011. He was not given the benefit of pay fixation (one increment) considering that his pay has been fixed at the time of I MACP. He was given increment after 14 months in GP 4800. Further he was given II MACP benefit on completion of 20 years of service from GP 4800 to 5400 with the benefit of Pay fixation in July 2013.

    Mr. B who is senior to MR A got I ACP much before Mr.A which was ignored and was granted I and II MACP wef 1.9.2008 to GP 4800 as he has completed 20 years of service as on 1.9.2008. He also got regular promotion along with Mr A to a post carrying GP 4800 in promotional hierarchy. He did not get any pay fixation benefit on promotion. Now there is anamoly that junior getting more GP 5400 than Senior who is getting GP 4800.

    Please note that the promotional posts in GP 4800 were created only in 2010. Before, the entry level post in GP 4200 (5000 under V CPC) were isolated posts.

    Kindly clarify the following:
    1. Whether both A and B are eligible to the GP 4600 with effect from 1.1.2006 or 1.9.2008 as they have got I ACP before 6th CPC.
    2. Pay fixation on promotion, MACP and grant of increment after 14 months in case of A is correct.
    3.Whether Mr. B senior should be equated with junior
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    1. A & B are eligible for GP 4600 with effect from 1.1.2006.
    2. He is eligible for his increment in July 2010 itself in relation to the GP of 4600.
    3. This is a clear case of anomaly and pay of B is to be stepped up to that of his
    junior A


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