Please consider the following case. A person is promoted from Grade Pay 7600 (Pay Band 3) to Grade Pay 8900 (Pay Band 4) after appearing for assessment interview (based on the Modified Flexible Complementing Scheme for Scientists as per 6th Central Pay Commission), then his pay has to be fixed by which of the following two criteria -

(1) As defined in table of "Entry Pay in the Revised Pay Structure" for PB-4 (Rs.37400-67000)

Pay in the Pay Band = 40,200

(2) Higher of the following two -

* Minimum of pay band (37400-67000) i.e. 37400
* Adding one increment in the earlier pay band and grade pay (which works out to be less than 37400)

Therefore, Pay fixed as 37,400


(a) Whether Pay in the above case should be fixed as 40,200 or 37,400 ?

(b) If (2) above is followed, then a person promoted to Grade Pay 8700 in Pay Band 4 may also have the same pay fixed as 37,400. Whether two persons promoted to different Grade Pay (8700 and 8900) can have the same pay fixed?

(c) Whether pay of 40,200 is applicable only to direct entry to the post on initial appointment and not applicable under promotion?

C. P. Kumar