Respected friends, let me put before you a typical and interesting scenario for valued opinion and guidelines from your end :

A Retired Central Government employee (now aged 82 years) married for the first time after retirement with due intimation to his parent department. His wife expired subsequently. The particular gentleman is now willing to marry again, legally, for the second time , as he urgently needs somebody for his day-to-day up-keeping and he has absolutely no liabilities/dependents (no child from either of his marriage and no natural descendants).

In this circumstance, the following points require clarification :

a) Will the second wife be entitled to family/widow pension in the event of death of this retired central govt. employee aged 82 years ?

b) Is he required to avail permission from any competent authority or give intimation to his parent department again for this post-retiral marriage ?

Kindly give your valuable suggestions / guidelines urgently with reference to relevant Circular/Order and oblige.

Thanks and Regards.