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Thread: What happens after completing EOL...?

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    Default What happens after completing EOL...?

    Dear All,

    My wife shall complete 5 year Extra Ordinary Leave (EOL) in coming September. She works with BSNL and had to tak ethis leave to join me and kids in Dubai. I request your kind advise for the following:

    1. What will happen if she do not join back.
    2. Is there any way out to get more extension.
    3. Can she avail Child Care Leave for 2 to 3 years.

    Thanks in advance


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    Dear Sir,

    The employee after availing EOL for a period of 5 years, has to first join her duty on expiry of leave. Child care leave is available only for two years, and it also depends on the official exigencies that has to be kept in view while sanctioning. Any way, joining duty is the first requirement. Definitely EL would have already been exhausted. Because, Child care leave can be granted only if the EL is exhausted. Child care leave also is not a matter of right like any other leave. If a person is not joining duty on expiry of sanctioned leave, the period beyond that date will be treated as Unauthorised absence, and disciplinary action can be initiated duly following the requisite procedures thereon.

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    Default Leave for going abroad

    Hello sir,
    Could u tell me the type of leave i should apply for going abroad for 2 years.Also the details of rules for this type of leave.I checked Swami Handbook rules for Central Govt. Employees.There i got Extra Ordinary leave rules but going abroad is not mentioned there.

    I m working in BSNL. My service period is 6 years 7 months.


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    Dear friend
    There are two issues 1) going abroad, 2) sanction of leave

    You can go abroad if your office permit it. There is no rule that you can go abroad on any specific leave only. You have to first apply for permission to visit abroad giving full details and also the kind of leave. If they permit, you can go on 2 years leave, may be EOL or any other combination of leave, you have at ur credit.
    But don't go without permission.

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