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Thread: Home Town LTC after availing any where in india

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    Default Home Town LTC after availing any where in india


    I had availed my any where in India during the block year 2010-2013. I had not awailed my home town during the period 2010-2011 and 2012-13. Our administration refused to give me sanction to awail LTC for block year 2012-13 grace period during 2014 citing that since i had availed 2010-2013 any where in india already i am not entaitled for any claim during 2012-2013 there is no grace period applicable. Is that correct ?

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    LTC for the block year 2010-2011 was applicable till December 2012. If you have availed All India LTC before December 2012, you are eligible to avail Home Town LTC for Block Year 2012-13 till December 2014. If you had availed LTC beyond December 12, you are not eligible for any more LTC during 2010-13

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    A Govt servant is entitled for two home town ltc during a period of 4 years. In this case LTC for the block year 2010-11 extendable to 2012 and that of 2012-13 extandable to 2014. One of these can be converted into all india ltc. Now if a person availed of all ltc during the year 2013 than he is not eligible for home town ltc for the block year 2010-11

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