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Thread: Additional increments and pay definition

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    Default Additional increments and pay definition


    My self and other scientists were granted 2 additional increments by Dept of Space/ ISRO from 1-1-1996 onwards with eligibility for the same in the subsequent promoted scales with a condition that it should not be merged with basic pay at any occasion. Consequently DA, HRA promotion pay fixation etc on these 2 addl increments were not paid. In 2012 after my retirement, myself and other 9 colleagues moved CAT and got direction from CAT to treat these 2 increments as PAY under definition of pay FR 9(21) rule for all further payments from 1-1-1996. But now the Dept is treating 2 increments as pay only for payment of DA & HRA on these 2 increments from 1-1-1996 for arrears payment without considering it for pay fixation as on 1-1-1996, fixation on getting promotion & 6th CPC pay fixation and Dept is adding these 2 increments only to the last pay drawn for fixing pension. As per CAT judgment, these 2 addl increments shall be added to basic pay as on 1-1-1996 and all subsequent pay fixations are to done on promotion, 6th CPC pay fixation and the last pay drawn arrived on these fixations is to be considered for fixing pension. But Dept is interpreting in different way violating CAT Judgment. Hence, Please advise me whether Dept stand can be justified?
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