Recently, pay of one officer (DR, SSC) "A" who is senior in the merit and seniority list has been allowed pay parity with his immediate junior "B" by way of stepping up of pay equal to that of his junior"B".
Now, in the same batch of officers some officers "C" who are also placed junior to officer "B" in the merit list were not allowed the pay parity although the junior officers "B" are although senior to him "C" but joined in service later than "C".
Now, the officer "B" who joined later than "C" have their pay fixed in the higher scale whereas the claim of the officer "C" was rejected on the plea that they must show some officer(s) juniopr to them and getting higher pay scale.
In this regard it is the arguement that the seniority list fixed after the merit list is only for promotion and not for fixation of pay. And for the purpose of fixation of pay the officer "B" shall be considered as junior to "C" and pay fixation allowed with parity. This is anomolous situation. Can anybody support my view with proper case law/citations. I invite adiscussion in the forum.