Dear Friends,

If your pension is not revised or revised wrongly taking only the basic pension into consideration, the best and effective way to get it corrected at the shortest possible time is to approach through the Pensioners Association/s with the following details:

1. Copy of the PPO
2. Information regarding the equivalent pay band/grade pay and consequent revised pension
3. Proof of age, particularly in respect of those above 80 years
4. Bank details with account no and branch name
5. Usual undertaking regarding refunding of any excess payment

and see the results yourself.

My mother's family pension was revised effectively and correctly within weeks of my representation to RREWA and what was surprising was the arrears, revised pension was deposited into the account even before I could get the communication by post. My father retired from service in 1977 with his basic of 3 cpc.

RREWA is doing a yomen service to the senior citizens and I call upon the pensioners to enroll and make use of the service minded Pensnioners Association(s).