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Thread: Government rejects NAC meeting dt 17/7/2012 recommendation - what next?

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    Default Government rejects NAC meeting dt 17/7/2012 recommendation - what next?

    The National Anomaly Committee in its meeting dated 17/7/2012 made a very significant recommendation that in case the pay of a promotee gets fixed at a stage lower than the entry pay to be given to a direct recruit, then his pay should be fixed at that minimum entry pay.

    The Government considered the recommendation but finally rejected it in December, 2012. It is very strange that despite it the Staff Side in the JCM is maintaining silence after that. At least, they should have disclosed this fact to the common Government employees and at the same time the matter should be pursued at an appropriate forum. Under the JCM scheme, there are provisions to deal with such situation. The remedy of going to Court has also not been availed of. The 7th CPC is in the offing and if not pursued vigorously the matter will be closed for ever leaving huge loss to thousands of employees.

    From the note portion of the file in which this matter was dealt with in the Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure, it is clear that the Finance Ministry has taken refuse in the plea that there was no concept of minimum pay in the pay structure suggested by the 6th CPC. For them the 6th CPC is the GOD's final verdict and there is no logic whatsoever; leave aside the natural justice. This is nothing but turning a blind eye.

    The Government is not ready to realize that the 6th CPC committed blunder by creating further sub-classes within a class and recommending two wholly independent methods of fixation of pay for them. It was unconstitutional to create two separate categories out of the one homogeneous class of the Government employees -one comprising the existing employees who were in service prior to 1/1/2006 and the other who entered in Government service on or after 1/1/2006 and treat the two differently. The result was that the two categories constituting one class- possessing same educational qualification as per the R.R. of the post and performing same duties were fixed in the revised pay structure by adopting different formulae.

    The Confederation of Central Government Employees should rise to the occasion and do its level best, before the 7th CPC gets operational to protect the financial interest of the looser employees.

    Raj Kishore Sharma
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