Dear Sir,

One of our staff claimed for Free Sea Passage for self and faimly (Free Sea Passage is applicable to Govt.Servants serving in Lakshadweep Admn. and same as LTC). The officer submitted Owners Cabin ticket (highest class in the ship) for self and his son. The Dealing Asst. in the office sanctioned Owners Cabin fare to the officer but limited the Owners Cabin fare of his son to bunk class which is the lowest class. The act of the dealing asst. was wrong because the his son was eligible to get the fare of owners cabin since the officer was eligible for that.

My doubt is that, whether the office can reopen the case for releasing the balance payment eligible for his son. Whether balance payment can be made by preparing a supplementary bill. If yes, then which Rule is applicable for reopening the settled bill and preparing a supplementary bill. Pl advise.