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Thread: 7th CPC

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    Default 7th CPC

    What would be in the minds of CG employees who are retiring on 31.12.2016, that too employees born on 01.01.1956?

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    What will be the fate of those retiring on 31.12.2015??

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    Pl read the ENLIGHTENING THREAD discussing the anology of an actual case of a CG Retiree Shri GK -born on 1 1 1946 - made to retire on 31 12 2005 even though his DOB is 1 1 1946- made to retire without completeing 60 years "technically- ijn the FORUM titled PENSIONERS in the DISCUSSION BOARD .......

    Difference in amounts on one time retirement benefits like gratuity/ Leave Encshment etc alone could be of the order of 15-20 lks for a Gr A set of retirees ..... recurring EFFECTS WILL BE ON PENSION/ FAMILY PENSON amounts forever THEREAFTER........

    31 12 2015 Retrieee will be richer by that amount compared to the ill-fated 1 1 2006 DoB Retiree who wuill also be forced to retire on the same day as the former!!!!!!


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    Please also read the thread 'impending injustice to would be retirees with the Ist January, 1956 as their date of birth' under the Pensioners Forum
    Gopal Krishan

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    A persons born on 01.01.1946 completes 60 years on 31.12.2005. Where is the confusion to say that he was made to retire without completing 60 years?

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    Default Second pension option to absorbees.

    As per CCS Pension Rules 1972, whenever an employee is absorbed in a department, the absorbed employee has an option either to receive pro rata retirement pension benefits or to continue to have the pension benefit of combined service under parent department and absorbing department. The option shall be exercised within six months. In case of absorbees, who have got their service counted, their retirement benefits were paid by the parent departments concerned to the absorbing departments.
    But the various pension rules amended subsequently ( say after 1996 ) have extended the following additional pension benefits to the employees who opted pro rata pension, discriminating employees opted for combined service pension by counting their past service.
    1. Restoration of 1/3 rd commuted pension to the employees who opted for lump sum payment on absorption along with Dearness Relief wef 1999.
    2. Dearness Relief on pension from 1999 to all pro rata pensioners.
    3. The VI Central Pay Commission has granted full pension for 10 years service.
    Whenever discriminations are noticed, in the unforeseen circumstances such as change in pension rules, court orders, pay commission orders, condition of service etc, Government will usually provide an option to all concerned employees to exercise in the light of new rules so that there could not be any anomaly in the benefits due to them. By adhering this policy, the Public Sector Bank employees were permitted re-opening of pension option and enhancement in gratuity limits – Prudential Regulatory Treatment vide letter N.o.RBI/2010-11/400 DBOD.No.BP.BC.80/ 21.04.018/2010-11 dated 9.02.2011. The BSNL absorbees were also allowed to exercise second option for pro rata pension in several occasions considering their requests.
    Unfortunately, no option is given to the Central Govt employees’ absorbed in Autonomous Bodies,banks etc, who counted their past service. Since these employees are put into heavy loss by VI Pay Commission, absorbed employees shall be permitted to exercise second pension option for pro rata pension / lump sum payment on absorption / counting past service etc. If the pension settlement procedure appears to be very difficult at this stage, all absorbees who counted their past service may be deemed as opted for lump sum payment on absorption as one time measure and pension benefits shall be settled accordingly as given below.
    1. The Parent department shall pay 1/3 rd pension to absorbees after 15 years from the date of absorption.
    2. The absorbed department shall pay the retirement benefits received along with interest to absorbees.
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