Dear Readers
You may be aware of that MACP is not granted to teachers working under HRD like KVS, CTSA, NVS etc though our officers and non teaching staff are enjoying it. Teachers are still under the old Senior Scale/Selection Scale system in which Senior Scale is granted after 12 years and Selection Scale after 24 years subject to just 20% of the eligible employee. My department in not giving even the 3% notional increment after the Senior/Selection Scale. They just just change the Grade Pay i.e. for PRTs 4200 to 4600 for TGTs 4600 to 4800 and for PGTs 4800 to 5400. The reason explained by my department is that the word "Senior Scale" is not mentioned in the revised pay rule (Sixth PC). Dear readers experienced in the rules please tell me whether it is right or the injustice to the teachers?