Please consider this case. A central government employee got promoted to higher post (with change to higher pay band) during July 2009. His pay was fixed according to the Sixth Pay Commission. Now, after 4 years, he is informed during July 2013 by his office that his pay was erroneously fixed higher in July 2009 and his revised (lower) pays re-fixed on July each year (after 2009) are communicated to him. Now, my questions are -

(a) Due to excess money paid to the employee during last 4 years, recovery has to be made by the office. On what basis/rates, the office can recover monthly/quarterly/partially/fully amounts from the employee?

(b) In this particular case, there seems to be no fault on the part of employee. The moral question is why he should feel the agony of recovery (besides reduction in pay) from his monthly salaries?

(c) And what about higher income tax paid during last 4 years due to higher fixation of pay? How that can be adjusted during the period/years of recovery?

Any ideas/thoughts on the above shall be helpful to understand the Government procedure and guidelines in this regard.