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Thread: stepping up of pay of senior after the junior granting an increment

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    Default stepping up of pay of senior after the junior granting an increment

    i was promoted in the year 2005 august and my basic was fixed to Rs.7650 wef August.Myself and and my collegue Mr.X were drawing the same basic (Rs.7300) before august 2005 and were getting increment in the month of may. But after promotion in 2005 my incremet month has changed to august.
    As on 01.01.2006 my basic was Rs.7650 and Mr.X's basic was 7300. Recent order of ministry of finance extended the benefit of granting an increment in the pre-revised scale to those employeeds who were due to get their annual increment between feb to june during 2006. Subsequently Mr.X was granted one increment in the pre-revised scale but it was denied to me as it was told to me that after promotion my increment date was fixed on August 2006. In the year 2006 Mr.X got promotion to my grade. After granting one extra increment to Mr X, the revised calculation shows that he was drawing more basic pay than me since Mr. X's promotion in the year 2006.
    As per note 10 under rule 7 of ccs(RP), for stepping up of pay,
    a)both should belong to the same cadre and the posts in which they have been promoted should be identical. b) The pre-revised scale of pay and the revised grad pay of the lower and the higher should be identical. c) The senior at the time of promotion should have been drawing equal or more pay than the junior.

    sir i just want to know whether my case is fit case for stepping up pay.
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