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Thread: Govt. Stand on applying mixture of rules on Employees & Pensioners

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    Default Dept. of Expenditure stand on applying mixture of rules on Employees & Pensioners

    Dear Post 1-1-2006 Pensioners

    One of the point I raised in Grievance of Post 1-1-2006 pensioners was that government is applying mixture of revised pension rules 2008 effective from 1-1-2006 and Old CCS Pension Rules 1972 (Pre-Revised Pension Rules) to pensioners retired between 1-1-2006 & 2-9-2008. It looks Dept of Expenditure is also confirming that such a situation is against fundamental laws. That is why, a recent order OM 19030/3/2008-E.IV dated 22nd January 2009 on "Modification of TA/DA of Employees" states that employee can not claim TA/DA by mixing Revised TA/DA Rules issued vide OM dated 23.09.2008 and old rules issued vide OM dated 17.04.1998. They can claim TA/DA only either based on old rules or based on revised rules. This order extends benefits of both old rules and revised rules to goverment employees, but it is optional for employee to select.

    If it is so, why Dept of Expenditure is trying to apply mixure of old pension rules and revised pension rules together for calculation of pension of pensioners retired between 1-1-2006 and 2-9-2008 with less than 33 years of service?? why can't apply same principle in pensioners cases also. Why can't selection of application of rules be made optional to the pensioner also who retired after 1-1-2006 (was an employee even after 1-1-2006). Department of Expenditure and Dept. of Pensioners & Pensioners Welfare issued these orders have to answer these discrepancies in government orders.

    K.K. H. Kutty
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    Dear Mr KKHKutty,

    I tend to believe you are very much correct.

    For e.g., the main controversy has arisen in respect of pensioners of pre-2006 era, because of : (a) Havng a multi-scale table of pay-scales for S24 to S34 scale Employees under the Pay Band 4 on one hand and (b) Having a monlithic (pay-scales have disappeared here) Pay-Band 4 only for all Pre-2006 S24 to S30 pensioners and that too with the operational rider that only "MINIMUM" of this pay-band is relevant.

    In effect (b) becomes a figure Rs 37400 for all Pre-2006 S24-30 pensioners. Only Grade Pay distinguishes some of them- say again by bunching two in each Grade Pay.

    Thus two pay scales become relevant - one for the serving employees and another for the Pre-2006 pensioners -that too under the same sixth CPC dispensation/ its implementation OMs etc. NO RULES CAN HAVE SUCH CONTRDICTORY PROVISIONS FOR THE SAME OUTCOME viz. "PENSION"

    ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS- because the two appear to have been PRODUCED - NOT by mature and responsible admisitrators - but novices in this important domain of administartion.

    Earlier the Corrigendum- better would be their redemption of credibility and prestige!

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