I am a Pharmacist Working In central govt.Prior 6CPC I was in the scale of Rs.5000 .After implimentation of 6CPC my pay was fixed in pay band 2 Rs.9300 and grade pay of Rs.4200.According to a fast track committee recommendatios a pharmacist newly posted is kept in the scale of Rs.5200 and grade pay of Rs.2800 in pay band 1.According to this a pharmacist will be placed in the scale of Rs.9300 and grade pay of Rs.4200 after completion of two years service.According to MACP an employee should be given next grade pay on 1st MACP with 3% increment and accodingly next grade pay on 2nd MACP and more next grade pay in 3rd MACP.I got my 1st ACP in 1999 and 2nd ACP in 2007.I was put in the scale of Rs.5500 in 2nd ACP in 2007.But after Implimentation of MACP,accoding to me my grade pay should be Rs.4800.but my grade pay is stillRs.4200 while my junior are getting grade pay of rs.4600 in 2nd MACP and my seniors are also getting grade pay of Rs.4600 after 3rd MACP.In the same department in Bihar pharmacists were given grade pay of Rs.4600,4800 and 5400 in 1st ,2nd and 3rd MACP respectively.Please tell me ,What should be my grade pay? my department in U.P. is not considering our matter .What can we do for this?