An officer worked in a central government office from July 2001 to 2009 and applied for similar post in another department through proper channel.Subseqently he has tendered technical resignation in parent dept. and joined new office in july 2009. Now how to assign seniority number to this officer in this new office? since the date of joining in govt. service is july 2001,can he be given a seniority number in new office as per that date eventhough he is not in-strength of this new office?
whether question no 18 of DOPT FILE NO. 20011/1/2008-ESTT(D), 11 TH NOV 2010,AND REFERREED o.m no. 22011/1/2000-Estt(D), 27.3.2001 ARE Relavent in this case?
please clarify with relavent orders Please provide o.m no. 22011/1/2000-Estt(D), 27.3.2001 if anybody has the same.