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Thread: Stepping up of pay promottee AAOs pay at par with directly recrruited SAS apprentices

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    Default Stepping up of pay promottee AAOs pay at par with directly recrruited SAS apprentices

    Please refer following letter of Min of Finance and advise on following:

    Government of India
    Ministry of Finance
    Department of Expenditure
    E.III(A) Branch
    UO FTS No.169937/12
    dated 12.2.2013
    Ref. Notes of MOD(Finance) at pages 11- 13/ante in File No5586/C/12.
    The proposal of MOD regarding stepping up of pay of Assistant Accounts Officers of Defence Accounts Department at par with directly recruited SAS Apprentices has been further examined in the Department of Expenditure. This Department agrees to the stepping up of pay of the promotee AAOs at par with the directly recruited SAS Apprentices subject to the following conditions:
    (a) Stepping up of the pay of seniors can be claimed only in the case of those cadres which have an element of direct recruitment and in cases where a directly recruited junior is actually drawing more basic pay than the seniors. In such cases, the basic pay of the seniors will be stepped up with reference to the pay of the directly recruited junior provided they belong to the same seniority list for all purposes.
    (b) Govt. servants cannot claim stepping up of their revised basic pay with reference to entry pay in the revised structure for direct recruits appointed on or after 1.1.2006, as laid down in Section II of Part A of the First Schedule to the CCS(RP) Rules, 2008, if their cadre does not have an element of direct recruit or in cases where no junior is drawing basic pay higher than them.
    (c) Stepping up of pay of the seniors shall not be applicable in cases where direct recruits have been granted advance increments at the time of recruitment.
    2. This issues with the approval of Joint Secretary(Pers).
    (Manab Ray)
    Under Secretary

    whether stepping up of Rajesh kumar AAO admissible with suresh Kumar:
    Details as follows:

    Name, Grade A/C No. office Rajesh Kumar Suresh Kumar

    DoA 02/06/1998 26/02/1999

    Desig at the time of appt. Auditor SAS Apprentice
    Basic Pay on appt. Rs.4500 Rs. 6500

    Date of passing of SAS 22/11/2004 14/09/2007

    Desig on 22/11/2004 SO(A) SAS Apprentice

    Basic pay as on 22/11/2004 6500 6500

    Date of AAO 01/04/2008 15/10/2009

    Basic pay as on 14/09/2007 13530+4800GP 15900+4800GP

    Date of coming over to common seniority list 22/11/2004 14/09/2007

    Roster No. 894 1600

    Since all the three conditions as laid down in GoI , MoF, Deptt. of Expdr. UO FTS No.169937/12 dt. 12/02/2013 are satisfied. whether steppingup of Rajesh Kumar admiissible with Suresh Kumar
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