Respected VN Sahib,
As rightly observed by you it would not be possible for others to build up their cases meticulously. However, generally speaking despite strict instructions issued from time to time by the Government of India in the DOPT about timely holding of DPC meetings, various Ministries/Departments, in violation of the same, delayed holding of DPCs in time. On the other hand these Ministries/Departments meticulously followed the illogical/irrational/illegal policy of the DOPT laying down that retirees are required to be considered at the relevant time when they were due for such consideration while in service and included in the select list if found suitable. These instructions, by implication, also lay down that those included would have no right to notional pensionery benefits without assuming charge of the higher post. The same deprived the concerned of timely promotion and also of pensionery benefits. These instructions about notional pensionery benefits is being reviewed by the DOPT.
As pointed out by you it is absurd to link up your case with the OA.
With regards,
Gopal Krishan