An Officer in Rs.8000 scale under old pay scales, starts from a 'A' class city at 0700 hours and reaches 'A1' class city at 0800 hours. Again starts from that 'A1' class city to a 'B' class city at 1800 hours.

How to calculate DA under old rate for this case? (as his stay in both A & A1 city are between 6 to 12 hours)
1. 0.7 x 185 + 0.7 x 230 (or)
2. full DA for A1 class city (230) as it is less than (1) above (or)
3. full DA for A class city (185) as it is the minimum among full DA for A & A1 (or)
4. simply 0.7 x 230 taking into account of his stay during transit in A1 city only.

Or is there any other method to calcuate in this case? Please guide.