I join in Army training centre as civ clk as LDC On 09 May 1981. During the entire service I am not a single promotion. After completion of 27 yrs service in 2007 due to stress and strain in army service i paralise by rt side & declaired disable more than 40 % by civil surgeon. At the time of attack i have very work load I am working in adm company strength of the company is about 350 person in company and i am the only clerk. as per Peace establishment every 50 person 1 clk. But for 350 pers only one clerk for 4 yrs. due to workload i suffer from blood presure and i got attack of paralisis. At the time of attack i have admitted in hosp for 20 days. And i have taken lve for total 100 days. still i am working by left hand and done the work on computer. The estabishment debited my leave from my med leave account. They can not grant me disability leave/hospitalisation leave. Can I APPLIED FOR DISABILITY PENSION/DISABILITY LEAVE. Is it correct.