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Thread: DA on tour at old rates

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    Default DA on tour at old rates

    As per the 6th PC DA can be claimed at old rate if food bills not submitted. The new DA rate of increased by 25% after DA rate crossed 50% i.e. 150+37.5 = 187.5. Is the same clause is applicable to old rate i.e 25% of different rates on old slab. i.e. increase of 25% of 120 etc. (120+30=150). Please reply me.

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    Default Daily Allowance on tour at old rates opted - Effect of DA over 50%

    It's a valid query. Unfortunately Govt did not address for this. There is no provision as such for increase of Old Daily allowance rates after DA crossed 50%

    Check also the reply of Mr.Victor, a senior member of this forum


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    Can someone tell me what is the new system for DA? I heard that for A1 cities, Rs. 375/day is admissible even if no bills are submitted! Please correct me if wrong.

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