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Thread: change department and issued another PPAN

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    Default change department and issued another PPAN

    I joined CWC on 5.8.2004 and covered under NPS and 10% deduction starts from sep 2004 onwards. Again, from 05.05.2008 I joined the Excise Deptt. on tech resignation. there again i was issued another PPAN now how can i get back the accumulated amount from my previous PPAN no to the New PPAN.

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    When you join Government service, you will be allotted a unique Personal Pension Account Number (PPAN) which is called as PRAN also. This unique account number will remain the same for the rest of your life. You will be able to use this account and this unique PPAN from any location and also if you change your job. The PPAN will provide you with two personal accounts:

    1. A mandatory Tier-I pension account, and

    2. A voluntary Tier-II savings account.

    Why the Excise deptt issued you one more PPAN is out of my knowledge.

    You have to contribute your contribution along with equal contr from Govt against the same PRAN which was alloted to you at the time of ur initial joining..


    DK SHarma

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