15th of Sept., 2012

To: CVC / VC, CENTRAL VIGILANCE COMMISSION (CVC), Satarkata Bhavan , A-Block, GPO Complex , INA, New Delhi 110 023, India

13th Sept. 2012
To: Dr P K Mohanty, Mission Director (JNNURM / AS) & C.V.O.; Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (M/o HUPA); Nirman Bhawan, Maulana Azad Road, New Delhi - 110011

Dear Sir,

This is in reference to my letters to Secretary (H), MoHUPA; JS(H), MoHUPA & CEO, CGEWHO in connection with CGEWHO Jaipur 2 Project. I've sent several letters, reminders by email to them, even to PGO of CGEWHO; over the past two months. But, they are being ignored both by the officials of MoHUPA as well as the officials of CGEWHO. Several problems, viz. delay, cost escalation, problem in raising finance for escalation & also CCP charges from banks/FIs/HFIs & other related issues, problems, complaints, grievances; of allottees are there but they are being ignored. I received reply from JDA (Jaipur Development Authority) on the same connected matter and forwarded to CGEWHO to take up the matter with JDA but no reply/acknowledgement has been received. Therefore, it is to request you to kindly look into the matter & direct the concerned officials in MoHUPA & CGEWHO to please acknowledge & reply to all my letters sent in the last two months by email to them. Appended below is one such latest letter of urgent/immediate importance (relating to refusal of bank to increase amount of home loan for funding escalation in cost, CCP charges) to the undersigned.

Thanking you.


(Manish Agarwal)
Beneficiary/Allottee in Jaipur 2
Regn. #JJC0017
and also as the General Secretary of "CGEWHO Jaipur Phase II (KV 2) Beneficiaries/AllotteesAssociation"
[email protected]; [email protected]

To: [email protected]

13th Sept. 2012


19th August 2012

To: Mr. Umesh Kumar as Director of Public Grievances for the Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation (HUPA) and also the Administrative Ministry of CGEWHO (Central Government Employees Welfare Housing Organisation), Joint Secretary, M/o Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation (HUPA), Nirman Bhavan; NEW DELHI 110 011

Consumercase/Complaint/Public grievance from 469 beneficiaries/allottees of CGEWHO Jaipur Phase IIHousing Scheme Project

Submitted by: Manish Agarwal GeneralSecretary (GS) For "CGEWHO Jaipur Phase II Beneficiaries/AllotteesAssociation"

Category: Government of India (Central Government)

Complaint against: CGEWHO (Central GovernmentEmployees Welfare Housing Organisation) New Delhi

Amount loss/claim by theundersigned:INR965,000 (605000 escalation + 360000 parking CCP charges)
Click: http://cgewhojaipur2.blogspot.in/

Consumer Case/Complaint/PublicGrievance from 469 beneficiaries/Allottees of jaipur phase II housing scheme of CGEWHO (autonomous body under M/o UD, GoI & M/o HUPA, GoI), New Delhi

Sub.: Application forredressal of public grievance in respect of Jaipur Phase II Housing Schemeproject of Cgewho from the “Cgewho jaipur phase II beneficiaries/Allotteesassociation” and also as a consumer affairs (CA) issue/Matter

Dear Sir,

This is in reference to thecaptioned subject. In this connection, it is to inform you that the jaipurphase II housing scheme was conceptualised & launched by cgewho in January2008. Central government employees welfare housing organisation (cgewho) is anautonomous body of the ministry of housing & urban poverty alleviation(hupa), govt. of india, a society registered under the societies registrationact, 1860, specifically created for execution of housing projects forgovernment employees, on all india basis, on no profit – no loss basis, as awelfare measure.

It is kindly submitted thatcgewho advertised the project “CGEWHO's Jaipur phase II housing scheme, sector37, jagatpura, Shri Kishanpura, Off Mahal Road; jaipur 302 025, india" forcentral government employees. The government employees had put in their hardearned savings and also took home loan to realise their dream to own a house.In this connection, may kindly refer to our complete representation (alongwithannexures) in the matter vide the attached files/Attachments. It is veryunfortunate that the beneficiaries are now finding themselves cheated by cgewhothrough various means like hiding of information, giving wrong information etc.Some of the unethical practices adopted by cgewho in this project are asfollows:

1. Location of the plot: as perthe brochure and website of cgewho (annexure-I) the plot was shown as cornerplot but when the beneficiaries visited the site on 28th april, 2011, theyfound that the actual construction was not on a corner plot and felt cheated.

The scheme brochure is attachedas annexure 1.

On the back cover of the schemebrochure, the location plan/Map of the plot is shown wherein the L shaped plotis shown as a corner plot bounded by road from two sides, on one side by 160ft. Road & on the other side by 100 ft. Road. 500 M (0.5 km) away is the200 ft. Mahal road, on both sides of which the central spine having proposedcommercial development by the jaipur development authority (jda) is shown inthe location plan/Map as well as written at “part a point # 2: location” in thescheme brochure. It is to be noted that the original scheme brochure issued bycgewho in january 2008 in physical/Hardcopy form is available with the allbeneficiaries/Allottees, on the backcover of which is shown the locationplan/Site map. This original scheme brochure (alongwith the cover page: frontcover page as well as the back cover page) in softcopy form was also availableon the website of cgwho till 28th april 2011 (date of general meeting atproject site called by cgewho). After the beneficiaries raised the issue ofchange of plot location from corner plot to inside plot in general meeting on28/04/2011 held at the project site, the cgewho changed the brochure on thewebsite & now what is available on website is a brochure without the coverpage (both the front cover page as well as the back cover page) because theback cover page of original scheme brochure showed the location plan/Site mapshowing the plot location as a corner plot bounded on two sides by road. Thisis a matter of forgery & criminal breach of trust. Cgewho changed thebrochure on the website by removing its cover page so that the original plotlocation as a corner plot on back cover page cannot be seen by thepublic/Beneficiaries/Allottees. But the original scheme brochure is already inrecords & it is a public document. It is available with all thebeneficiaries/Allottees of cgewho jaipur II as they purchased it & appliedin the application form contained inside the original scheme brochure.

In the scheme brochure “part a point # 3: salient features”: the first subpoint is: timely completion of theproject, which is later on elaborated as 30 months (2.5 years) from the date ofapproval of plans by the jaipur development authority (jda).

It is also mentioned in thescheme brochure that a ‘technical brochure” shall be issued on approval ofplans by the competent authority, i.e. JDA in this case.

Later on when the “technicalbrochure” was issued in early 2009, it showed the location plan on the lastpage. But it showed a changed location, wherein the plot is now an insideL-shaped plot. It is connected to 160 ft. Road by a passage/Way but is notbounded by road from any of the 4 sides. This showed that the plot has shiftedfrom corner plot to inside plot & the empty space in between the road &the plot is shown as “others plot” at “point # 13: site plan & layout plan”in the technical brochure. The technical brochure is attached as annexure 2.This plot is now under the possession of the contracting firm: rbpl, which thecontractor is going to use for commercial purposes. As this “others plot” also belongsto cgewho as per the original scheme brochure site location/Layout plan/Map,therefore this area should be restored back to cgewho & can be used forcommon facilities, viz. Say development of a good public park for kendriyavihar II beneficiaries/Allottees.

The plan approval letter issuedby jda on 27/08/2008 to mr. Shabbir Khan, Renaissance buildhome private limited(rbpl), the contracting firm appointed by cgewho is attached as annexure 3.This letter approves the plan/Map for housing project of cgewho in the name ofashadeep green orchid. It is to be mentioned here that the cgewho couldn’t getthe land directly from the jda & so had to award the project to rbpl(contracting firm) on turnkey basis since they held the land title from thejda. It is pertinent to mention here that the cgewho scheme name is kendriyavihar II jaipur and not ashadeep green orchid as mentioned in jda plan approvalletter issued to rbpl. It is to be noted that the cgewho didn’t get the plansapproved from jda but the rbpl (contracting firm appointed by jda) got the planapproved from jda in the name of ashadeep green orchid in whose name they weregoing to construct this housing project had the cgewho not approached themthrough the tendering process. The rbpl’s similar multistoried group housingscheme “ashadeep green avenue” is just 500 M away from the cgewho’s project,which is already complete & fully operational. The jda plan approval lettersays that approval is valid till july 2011. Therefore the question arises that sincethe project/Construction couldn’t be completed till july 2011 (even after lapseof over 30 months from the start of construction in october 2008 as per cgewholetter dt. 22nd oct. 2008 calling for payment of second instalment [annexure4]), DID the rbpl/Cgewho took any approval for extension of this plan approvalletter from the jda.