15th of Sept., 2012

To: CVC / VC, CENTRAL VIGILANCE COMMISSION, Satarkata Bhavan , A-Block, GPO Complex , INA, New Delhi 110 023, India

13th Sept. 2012

To: Dr P K Mohanty, Mission Director (JNNURM / AS) & C.V.O.; Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (M/o HUPA); Nirman Bhawan, Maulana Azad Road, New Delhi - 110011

Dear Sir,

This is in reference to my letters to Secretary (H), MoHUPA; JS(H), MoHUPA & CEO, CGEWHO in connection with CGEWHO Jaipur 2 Project. I've sent several letters, reminders by email to them, even to PGO of CGEWHO; over the past two months. But, they are being ignored both by the officials of MoHUPA as well as the officials of CGEWHO. Several problems, viz. delay, cost escalation, problem in raising finance for escalation & also CCP charges from banks/FIs/HFIs & other related issues, problems, complaints, grievances; of allottees are there but they are being ignored. I received reply from JDA (Jaipur Development Authority) on the same connected matter and forwarded to CGEWHO to take up the matter with JDA but no reply/acknowledgement has been received. Therefore, it is to request you to kindly look into the matter & direct the concerned officials in MoHUPA & CGEWHO to please acknowledge & reply to all my letters sent in the last two months by email to them. Appended below is one such latest letter of urgent/immediate importance (relating to refusal of bank to increase amount of home loan for funding escalation in cost, CCP charges) to the undersigned.

Thanking you.



(Manish Agarwal)
Beneficiary/Allottee in Jaipur 2
Regn. #JJC0017
and also as the General Secretary of "CGEWHO Jaipur Phase II (KV 2) Beneficiaries/AllotteesAssociation"
[email protected]; [email protected]

10th of Sept., 2012

To: CEO, CGEWHO; New Delhi

Kind attention: Mr. PK Wadhwa, Dy. Dir. (Admn.) as PGO for Jaipur 2

Dear Sir(s),

This is in reference to the captioned subject. In this connection, undersigned wrote a detailed letter to JDA on the subject of development of urban civic infrastructure, facilities & services around Sector 37, Shri Kishanpura, Off Mahal Road, Jagatpura; JAIPUR 302 025, the site for CGEWHO Jaipur phase II (Kendriya Vihar II). It is requested to kindly peruse & go through the detailed reply letter attached herewith received from the Secretary, JDA dated the 05th of Sept., 2012; in this connection/regard/matter.

It would be appreciated that when CGEWHO developed & planned Jaipur 1 (KV I Jaipur) at Sector 6, Vidhyadhar Nagar; JAIPUR 302 023 around 10 years back, it was in a already developed area not too far from the main city (5-6 kms from main railway station & main bus stand of Jaipur). Still the Central spine scheme (commercial development) of JDA in Vidhyadhar Nagar progressed simultaneously/parallel to development of CGEWHO Jaipur 1. As a result, both got developed & completed almost simultaneously. Accordingly, the people/beneficiaries also shifted/moved happily/comfortably to staying in Jaipur 1 (KV 1 Jaipur) as soon as they got possession of DU from the CGEWHO.

However, the picture is totally different/opposite in case of CGEWHO Jaipur 2. This is in a new undeveloped area of Jaipur in a corner on the outskirts of the city. The development of JDA Central spine scheme is still on paper where no physical progress has been made/done by the JDA. The CGEWHO is repeatedly (just last week again) advertising the project as close to Central spine scheme of JDA but at the site/location, there is no trace/signs of development of this Central spine scheme of JDA. It is almost around 5 years since when the CGEWHO conceptualised & launched Jaipur 2 at Sector 37 Jagatpura Jaipur. But the JDA Central spine scheme still exists mainly on paper. As a result, the other consequent development in/of the area/location around Jaipur 2 hasn't taken place. The State govt. agencies are slow (taking their own sweet time) in developing the area/location. The development of Ring road & BRTS corridor in the area/region would lead to all round spurt in the development/accessibility of the CGEWHO Jaipur 2 area.

Therefore in this background, I would like to very humbly request the CGEWHO & MoHUPA/UD, GoI authorities/top officials to please write to the concerned state govt. agencies/departments say JDC (JDA Commissioner) & UDH, GoR (Principal Secretary, UDH, GoR) to expedite/quicken the pace of works/development of JDA Central Spine scheme Mahal road, Ring road, BRTS corridor; etc. to bring much needed connectivity/accessibility/all round development/public transport in the area/region around CGEWHO Jaipur 2; so that beneficiaries/allottees are encouraged to actually shift/move to staying in KV 2, whose posession they are shortly going to get (say from next month onwards) from the CGEWHO. The letter ought to be written in the spirit of G to G (Government to Government) business from say Central Govt. (GoI) to State Govt. (GoR), so that the matter is well coordinated & taken care off and there is no communication gap, leading to resolving of problem/issue of delay in implementation of already approved JDA Central spine scheme on Mahal road, which the CGEWHO has referred to as the JDA Central spine scheme Road in its latest ad issued last week only.

Attachments: a/a.

Thanking you.


(Manish Agarwal)
Regn. # : JJC0017
also as General Secretary of "CGEWHO Jaipur Phase II (KV 2) Beneficiaries/Allottees Association"
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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