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Thread: FAIR OR UNFAIR DPC Clarification

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    Default FAIR OR UNFAIR DPC Clarification

    I joined under CBEC at the same Zone with other 8 batchmates as directly recruited Tax Assistant and with another 4 directly recruited Stenographers in October 2006. When we joined, there were already 2 Tax Assistants who were promoted from LDC.

    All the mentioned 10 Tax Assistants were promoted to Sr. Tax Assistants in 2010 after passing the Exam without facing DPC. The 4 Stenographers remained the same with same grade pay till 2012 now.

    Seniority List of Sr. Tax Assistants 2011 placed me at the above of two of my batchmates, here the 2 promotee from LDC were placed at the above of all my batchmates.
    Then, only the mentioned 10 Sr. Tax Assistants (excluding the 4 Stenographers) faced written exam for promotion to Inspector in July 2011. The result was out in October 2011 where I with one of my juniors and the 2 Seniormost(promotee from LDC), 4 of us failed in one Subject each. The other 6 of my batchmates passed in all the subjects.

    Then, in January 2012 we faced the same written exam, 4 of us doing back subject and this time the 4 Stenographers also faced the written exam in all the subjects. This result was out in the first week of April 2012 and all 4 of us passed in our back subject and the 4 Stenographers also passed in all the subjects. All together 8 passed the exam but but but……But, DPC for promotion to Inspector was held in the first week of March 2012 (unlike other years ie. Aug/Sept/etc) so we missed the Bus. In the DPC 6 of my batchmates who had passed the exam earlier were called for and they became Inspector in the same week. One of them is my junior and all the 6 are juniors to the 2 promotee from LDC who were awaiting back subject written result like me. Right after the DPC and our result in April there are 8 qualified for promotion to Inspectors. It is learnt that there are after the DPC also more than 40 vancancies for Inspectors promotional posts existed and none of the 8 of us have adverse APAR nor under Cloud.

    Now my queries are:-
    (i) What might be the reason that the DPC was held in March 2012 whereas there was one result being awaited, exam held in Jan 2012 and result declared in April 2012 which includes the result of 8 qualified staffs wherein even 3 seniors candidates are there?
    (ii) Why not DPC was held in Aug/Sept/etc like other years?
    (iii) How long do we 8 of us (with Stenographers) who passed the exam in April 2012 may need to wait for the next DPC if there are enough promotional vacancies in the Zone?
    (iv) Is there any procedures to press for holding Review/Revise DPC or DPC Twice in 2012 for the 8 of us?
    (v) Is anybody there to give us this doc <DOP&T OM No.22011/9/98-Estt.(D) dated 8th September, 1998> also to help us broadly on the cause of 8 of us?

    Thanking in advance.
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