i m a cg employee since may 2007 n didnt availed any form of ltc either to home town or anywhere to india during my 5 years of i want to avail ltc to gangtok this year. in order to go ne i will ve to convert my n my spouse will avail ltc from my dept. i ve declared my parental home as hometown n vent changed it after my marriage n i didnt declared my husband hometown n any information regarding my quest is shall i ve to declare my husband hometown in my dept. or dept will automatically consider my hometown for my husband n child.?secondly we would like to avail ltc to anywhere in india next year?so shall we avail both how n in which block year these will be considered n in 2014 shall i go for hometown conversation?we will get 3hometown in a block of 4 year as per the rule for new recruiters .